As an employer or supporting worker, you naturally want to do all you can to resolve your workplace issues, claims, or productivity concerns in a timely, cost-effective fashion. The good news is Professional, Rehab, & Occupational Services, LLC is here to help!

Our Services

We are experts in handling matters in the workplace that are not currently addressed by vocational rehab, EAP, or disability programs. Our experienced consultants can provide you or your workers with the information necessary to put your concerns to rest.

Program Offerings

Tapping into these resources demonstrates the employer’s commitment and foresight of addressing concerns proactively and mitigating or avoiding claims. We work with other companies, adjusters, assigned nurse case managers, or vocational counselors to make sure they have the resources needed to resolve their cases quickly. We are always available to assist you in any way possible.

Job Readiness Training

This is an inexpensive and interactive guide that includes a 4-week job readiness training program. Through our sessions, an injured or disabled worker who cannot return to his original job, learns various skills and knowledge they need to conduct an effect job search and return to work after an injury or disability.


  • Coping with Job Loss
  • Searching and Applying for a Job
  • Building a Resume and Cover Letter
  • Learning Interviewing Techniques


Knowing this is beneficial as it can be used to aid in settlement and may allow you to close your files without formal vocational involvement. This service can be used in conjunction with Job Readiness training to document the employer’s or employee’s interest in returning the worker to the workforce.

Transitional Employment

We provide assistance in planning for a return to work after an injury or disability (or other absence). This customized program will achieve a safe and successful return to work.


It seems that “Critical Incidents” are becoming more common even in industries where there isn’t much perceived risk involved. Naturally, employers may not be trained to help themselves or their employees when a catastrophic event happens at work or to a well-regarded employee.

Systematic Desensitization

This can be requested when we are not the first to be called at the time of trauma, and it may be days, weeks, or months later when employers recognize that an employee is ailing. Our staff can intercede briefly to identify and remove obstacles that are interfering with productivity.


These evaluations are useful in hiring new workers and those who are returning to the workplace following an injury/illness.

ADA Assessments

Through this process, we ensure the employer is doing everything possible to maintain compliance.

Professional, Rehab, & Occupational Services Online Services & Rates Mary Sherwood Sevinsky
Litigation/Insurance Services $110 Services for Workers Compensation, EAP, liability - non-testimony
Individual Disability Management $50 Service contracted by individuals and requiring the same high quality without the need for detailed documentation.
Initial consultation phone or email FREE Phone (410) 444-1989 Email Mary@Life-Works.Info to review resume, cover letter, LinkedIn or other need and get a personalized quote.
LinkedIn Profile $150 to $250 Adding not only text, but links and media to move you up in the search algorithms - Optimizing LinkedIn training included
Career Coaching - planning, job search, interview prep, LinkedIn $75 Career Assessment and recommendations, job search assistance and internet support per hour (Package include 4 hours for the price of 3)
Email Support $10 Up to 5 emails per month answering your specific questions and addressing your needs (per month)
Résumé Development Pdf, doc, and txt copies provided One week turn around or less typical $150 to $350 With existing resume or from scratch $89 to $249 depending upon work history *Federal Resumes may be more and depend on numerous factors. Send existing resume for free, personalized quote for any service
Résumé Review FREE Professional review and feedback for Résumé Estimate
Cover Letter Review FREE Professional review and feedback for cover letter draft
Job Search for the Rest of Us FREE
Twitter FREE
Injured Worker Help Desk FREE

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Do you need help on a claim covered by a national carrier? No problem! We can tap into our network of trained consultants that are affiliated with national and regional vocational service providers. Reach out to us through a call or email if you want to discuss your concerns. We can also meet in person if you prefer.